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Home - my web presence.

This is my personal presence on the web which includes web server, mail server, IoT devices, security cameras and yes, even a voip capable PABX phone system. Most devices are not accessable directly from the internet for security reasons but some outputs are available (See BMS page).

Some of the other things I am interested in include model railways (and the real ones too) as well as Amateur (Ham) Radio.

Those not familiar the above solar data provides some details as to conditions for high frequency propagation transmission and reception. And of course a link to the 'Worlds greatest Hobby"!

Latest news from ABC Australia

We know job panels can be bias against women, but so can recruitment websites
Algorithms used to help employers select job applicants could be amplifying the gender bias they should prevent, new research shows, with the study author warning not discriminating against women for things such as taking parental leave has to be "coded in" to a program.

Sisters Sophia and Imogen say their 2020 photo with Santa 'felt really strange'
Jumping on Santa's lap and whispering in his ear what you want for Christmas is a big no no this year, so excited children have to adjust to a very different encounter with the jolly old man.

The world was not built for autistic people, but there are simple ways you can help people like me
You never know what someone might be struggling with, write Sheree Somers. These are her tips for what you can do to help autistic people find the world a little easier.

China's lunar probe lands on moon
The Chinese Government announces its Chang'e 5 robot probe that was launched to collect lunar rocks has successfully landed on the moon.

Swedish mother suspected of locking up her son for 28 years
Police in Stockholm are investigating a woman in her 70s, who is suspected of having kept her 41-year-old son locked up in an apartment since he was a teenager.

Deaths and multiple injuries as car ploughs into pedestrians in Germany
At least four people, one of whom was a young child are killed and several others injured in the German city of Trier when a car collides with pedestrians in the city centre.

Sick of getting scam calls? This is what the Government is doing about them
The Government has been focussed on tackling three major scams this year. So what are they, what's being done about them and how can you protect yourself?

Hundreds of Papuans rally for independence from Indonesia
Hundreds of Papuans rally across at least eight cities in Indonesia to renew calls for independence, as a separatist group declares it has established a provisional government in exile.

South Australia becomes final state to abolish 'gay panic' murder defence
The defence can no longer be used to downgrade a charge of murder to one of manslaughter if a defendant claims they were provoked to violence by a homosexual advance.

Former SA transport minister Stephan Knoll to quit at 2022 election
Once viewed as a potential future premier, Liberal MP Stephan Knoll has announced he is quitting politics to spend more time with his family.